Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Am a Rock

I sat, my back resting against the warm boulder . The liquid sun was hot on my head, the breeze soft and sweet. Bright light shined through my closed eyelids. I held very still, listening, and let the energy swirl around me.

I felt the world breathing, felt its heart beating, heard its song singing in my veins. "I feel like it's trying to talk to me", I said.

"It is," Grandpa said, "You're hearing Earth's soul. Listen closely

The alkali sand hard and course under me, my back melded with the boulder . The molten desert sun pooled in my hair, the whispering breeze was cool. I closed my eyes, relaxing. I felt the Earth's crackling energy flowing over my prickling skin. I opened myself to it, sharing my own soul with the current. I allowed my essence to mix freely with the dancing of the universe.

For this moment in time, I was a rock. Immoble. Immortal. Inorexable.

When life gets turbulent, this is my strength.

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  1. Angel,
    I could feel the sensations from the rock and the sun as I read your poem. It almost lulled me into Meditation. I loved reading your poem written with love, feelings of vibrations from Mother Earth and the emotions that you felt in your Soul. Thank you for the moving poem.
    Tamara Lesley