Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Swede

A litle boy sat on the floor,

playing checkers near the door.

When death tapped, Swede said "Go away!

I can't go now, I want to play!"

and death left him, for that day.

A young man sat beside his girl,

he held her close, his heart a-whirl.

Death rapped knuckles on the window,

Swede said, "You have got to go!"

"I'm trying to make a move, you know?"

A father held his toddler son,

glad that Death had spared this one.

A soft knock sounded 'cross the room,

Swede said, "Go away and take your doom!"

And kissed the soft cheek's rosy bloom.

A working man covered in grime,

went home each night for family time.

A firm strike echoed through the house,

Swede said, "Why, that must be a mouse!"

"Go away, now, Death; you louse!"

Early in the morning hours,

when the man had lost his powers,

Death came and took our Swede away.

I've rarely seen a darker day.

"Treat him gently," his loved ones pray.

Bye, Swede. Remember always how much we all love you.

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  1. This definitely brought tears to my eyes and reading it made me want to write something for my Lady but I couldn' compose myself well enough to write something appropriate. In stead I made a video impromptu. Losing Lady was like losing the best part of me. People who have not witnessed Lady and I together don't believe this but Lady and I could actually talk to each other. I have written several short stories about Lady and over the past fourteen years she put up with me and gave me love and supported all of my endeavors. My life is like a book filled with blank pages without her. Angel, thanks for sharing your magic words about Swede, the inspirational message hit home. LOL, BDC