Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why do I write?

On occasion, someone will ask me why I write. This is my answer:

From the time that I was just a small child, the need bubbles up inside of me. It builds and grows until I feel like my whole body will burst. Then I start the project, whatever it may be.

It's like channeling lightening. I feel a shock o...f energy come out through my fingers. I lose track of time, and become oblivious to my surroundings. The whole experience is at once as delightful as orgasm, and as excruciating as childbearing.

I am a writer. I wake up and I write, I write all day long, I dream new stories to channel tomorrow.

An addendum: I actually find that lately I've been writing to inflict emotions on people.... I haven't decided yet if this is a form of violence.

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  1. Thank you my dear friend you helped make our facebook event a success. Only three of us responded but what each of us had to say was worthwhile. I haven't responded with comments because I really have been busy trying to make the Fellowship the best that I can but when I get things running smoothly I'll read and comment on everything posted. Please sign up on the ning site, you are my kind of people. LOL, BDC

    P.S. The ning website is patiently waiting for your presence.